Sunday, 27 August 2017

Trevor Pateman Prose Improvements ISBN 9780993587948 due November 2017

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Prose Improvements discusses  creative writing and the work of the prose fiction writer from within a framework broadly inspired by Freud, Barthes and modern linguistics. The fourteen chapters use both informal and academic styles. 

A meditation on John le Carre's A Perfect Spy includes a response from that author.

Due  November 2017 in a first hardback edition of 500 copies, each one numbered and signed by the author. Initial distribution direct from the publisher. 
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Hardback. 128pp. £15

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Trevor Pateman Studies in Pragmatics ISBN 9780993587931 Published May 2017

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An academic book of seven studies in language pragmatics.  Afterword by Adam Gargani. 
Includes careful discussions of Relevance Theory, Critical Discourse Analysis, Bakhtin / Volosinov, advertising communication, and human-computer interaction. There's also a re-statement of Freudian dream theory which draws on Chomskyan lingustics and contemporary language pragmatics.

Hardback 240 pages ISBN 9780993587931. RRP £30
Published May 2017.      Order now for your Library!
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